pewdiepie net worth 2020

Pewdiepie Net Worth

PewDiePie Net Worth



Pewdiepie is also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjlberg and is also a Swedish national. He is mostly known to be a youtuber, comedian and a philanthropist and he has over 105 million subscribers and was born on 24th October 1989. He is 30 years old and was brought up in Brighton England.

Early life

He was a son of Ulf Christian and Lotta Kristine Joanna and grew up with elder sister fanny.  He was mostly interested in arts and used to draw drawings of game characters.  He  was known to be a video game fanatic and loved to be involved in video gaming activities. He got himself a degree from Chalmers university of technology.

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His YouTube career started from 2010 when he dropped out of Chalmers university of technology and opted to perform videos on YouTube

In the year of 2010 he only used to put out let’s play videos of horror and action video games.  It was just a way of spending time with a friend and this was on his video when he was just playing a me in front of it. Now his content increases to vlogs, comedy shows, uploading music and other animations and fan art.


pewdiepie net worth
pewdiepie net worth


2010 to present

In 2010 he start of his journey in youtube he used to make let’s play videos only but there was a controversy made that he used to make rape jokes a lot but later he apologized for it.

By the end of 2012 he had over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Most of the videos that he had on his channel that had the most views were the highlight combinations of his let’s play videos and the infamous video named funny montage is the most  viewed video of his till 2018.

In the start of 2013 he received this gift of 5 million followers on YouTube. When he got to the 6 million youtubers he was covered in New York times.

In 2013, He became the second most subscribed Youtuber in July and received Swedish social star award. Later in the years he received an A Guineas occurs reward of world record for becoming the most subscribed artist on YouTube and had 14,000,000 followers with 4.1 billion views.

In the years of 2015 to present, he was in a series named scare PewDiePie. He named the series by his own name. An issues regarding loosing subscribers, he addressed this matter and told how frustrating this experience is.

PewDiePie Net Worth
PewDiePie Net Worth 2020


Later, the conspiracy that rose was that he was usually accused of making rape jokes that were also proven to be true when he started his stretch career. But he apologized at in 2018 as these things were not enjoyable but offensive.

The basic and knew thing that he did was that he made a T Series District which was in competition with an Indian label named T series that makes music. He was in a subscribers battle with that channel.

With all the videos combined he has over 26 billion views on his YouTube channel which is remarkable for an artist who started on in 2010 and has a decade of success in the YouTube career.

Many youtubers gained acreage from this artist as he received so much success in such a little time as this ticket wrote him a lot of fame and officially money this is a career there should never be led down.



He is married to a beautiful woman named Marzia Kjlberg, they tied the knot in 2019 and they are happily married since

pewdiepie net worth
pewdiepie net worth 2019



Teen Choice Award [Winner]

Choice Gamer

Streamy Award [Nominee]

Best Gaming Series

Red Diamond Creator Award [Winner]

Youtube Creator Reward

Diamond Creator Award [Winner]

Youtube Creator Rewards

Ruby Creator Award [Winner]

Youtube Creator Reward


PewDiePie Got Married

On August 19, 2019, PewDiePie Finally got married to Marzia Kjellberg

Marzia Kjellberg net worth


What is the Net Worth of PewDiePie?

‘Pew die pie’ net worth in 2020 is 50 million dollars


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