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Ninja Net Worth – How the Gamer makes millions

NameRichard Tyler Blevins
Date of birthJune 5, 1991
Age29 years
OccupationYoutuber, gamer, internet personality.
PartnerJessica Goch
Following15 million
Net-worth$ 15 million
Height6ft 1
Known forProfessional gamer, online streamer, e sports

Ninja net worth



Ninja a well-known gamer was born on June 5, 1991. His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins and is known for his stage name ninja. He is in American streamer a Youtuber, Professional Gamer and a very well known Internet personality. His nationality is American and his hometown is Grayslake, Illinois US. He was married to Jessica Goch in 2017. His other nicknames also include ninja hyper. He was active from 2011 to present. He has a very good following it is about 14.9 million. On YouTube, he has a good audience of 24,000,000 followers.

Early life

Richard was born to American parents of Welsh descent. He was born in Detroit. And by then he moved into the Chicago suburbs with his parents. He attended Grayslake Central High School as a teenager and loved playing soccer. He really enjoyed playing video games by the end of his graduation and started to get into tournaments. Like being into professional organizations. He really enjoyed lifestreaming and now has become a very normal personality for his hobbies.


  • In 2009 he began playing for Halo 3
  • He professionally played for many organizations like Cloud 9 Renegades, team liquid and Luminosity Gaming.
  • He has been apart of many gaming organizations and now he has moved to H1Z1 and then now to Pub G. He has already won games. Com Invitational scores classification in 2017 for playing in Pub G.
  • He has played with many international stars like Drake, Travis Scott and Juju Smith.
  • Part in a charitable event of the fortnight, but marshmallow when that event.
  • He tried making his own event and it became a good one as Ninja Vegas 2018 had about 667000 live viewers.
  • His fame grew more because. The winning of Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • He was also a part of Microsoft Mixers platform.
  • His earning asked to word the. The report has said is $500,000 per month only from YouTube as his streaming Fortnite and others free-to-play business models.



  • Our television game show named family feud was airing in 2015 and Blevins and his family was a huge part of it. They came in many episodes.
  • In September 2018, he became the cover of ESPN the magazine.


Richard Tyler Blevins was married to Jessica Gottsch in 2017 and they are still living happily together.


  1. He made a sexist comment that he will not play with female gamers. As for out of respect for his wife and to avoid any rumours that female gamers should get prominence. He got very mixed views as people, especially women thought of it as a sexist comment.
  2. He received a 48-hour suspension from the company Twitch as there were a racist screen name and donation message. He later confirmed that it was his mistake. He apologized for it as well.
  3. He made. A racist comment. By using the N-word that usually rappers use. He apologized for that later, as when he was referring to it. He said it tongue tide. It was a racist comment. The black community and he apologized for it.
  4. He once accused someone of stream sniping and then it came to light that a fortnight player Icy five was not someone who did the crime.

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In streamy awards, he won of Gaming, Live Streamer, esports Personality of the year and content creator of the year. This happened in 2018

And in 2019 he won Shorty Awards of Twitch streamer of the year and in Streamy Awards he won creator of the year and live streamer.

In 2020 he was nominated for this award of Kids Choice Awards in the category favourite gamer.

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  1. ‘Fortnite’ really is just the perfect storm of a game. You have the fact that it’s free to play on almost every platform, and everything about the game is enjoyable. Ninja
  2. People need to be true to themselves, and if entertaining and content-creating is something that does not come naturally and is really difficult, they should find something they are passionate about and love and do that instead. Ninja
  3. I’ve never, never not enjoyed playing ‘Halo.’ Ninja
  4. The more ways you can tell a story and paint a picture, the better it is. Ninja
  5. I’m confident that no matter what game comes out, I’ll be able to play at a top competitive level. Ninja
  6. I don’t like to lose at all. Ninja
  7. So many people get content. So many people stop when they’re at the top. They’ll let someone take their place because they’re relaxing. That’s not going to happen. Ninja
  8. I can 100 per cent compete at the top level in every game that I play. Ninja
  9. People can just put their cash away and continue to make money and never give back because they just do not care, but I immediately felt obligated to use my influence for good things. Ninja
  10. I never feel awkward, ever, when I’m eating! If someone doesn’t want to watch me eat? Dude, they can leave – I gotta get my fuel. My justification is, would you rather me end my stream and come back two hours later cause I went out to eat, or just eat real quick in between a match? Ninja
  11. It’s definitely clear when you’re playing a game like ‘PUBG,’ there’s this realistic warzone feel that they’re going to get; there’s a little bit of blood – no gore – and you get that ‘Call of Duty’ war feeling. Ninja
  12. TwitchCon is something that I look forward to all year because it gives me an opportunity to see what’s in the pipeline and meet up with some of the best the industry has to offer, like DrLupo. Ninja
  13. I’ve done stuff with Bud Light, but do I want to take on a beer sponsor knowing most of my community is younger kids who can’t drink? There are still a lot of people over 21 who watch. You’re never going to hit your exact target audience. Ninja
  14. There is a deeper connection with streamers and viewers than any other celebrity or influencer – I’m live 12 hours a day; that’s half my day I’m sharing with millions of people. Ninja

ninja net worth 2020





  • Apologize when needed
  • Know your worth
  • Be determined
  • Never undermine others
  • Go with the flow but try new stuff as well
  • Love the way you are
  • Bring colours to your life
  • Enjoy the mess but make it creative
  • Respect
  • Try more



Richard Tyler Blevins was born on June 5, 1991, and is a professional gamer. He has been part of many professional organizations. And gaming companies like Cloud 9 etc. He is a part of the company Twitch and is very famous for being in it. He has played with many celebrities like Marshmello and Travis Scott etc. He has brought about many things that will help the gaming community but has also done stuff that has brought scandals in his career. He really enjoyed the gaming style and tried to bring prominence to it in the industry. He has over 24,000,000 followers on YouTube and has a salary of $500,000 from YouTube only in a month. He is married to Jessica, Got and is living happily ever after.