Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul And His Biography

Logan Paul Net Worth
Logan Paul Net Worth 2020

Date of Birth                           April 1, 1995 (24 Years Old)

Born in                                   Westlake, Ohio, USA

Nationality                              USA

Occupation                            Actor, entertainer, social media star, influencer, Youtuber

Full name                               Logan Alexander Paul

Last Update                           2020


Logan Paul has proven how much money you can make as a social media influencer in a few years. The multiple millionaires initially made a name for himself with his short slapstick videos, which he published on the now-closed platform Vine. These videos, in which Logan often performed surprising balances and other tricks, only lasted for 6 seconds. It was only later that today’s actor came to TV and was seen in a number of television films, for example as a guest on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. Logan Paul’s estimated net worth is 17 million euros.

A successful YouTuber

In collaboration with YouTube, the American has already managed to get some of his leading roles.For example within the YouTube Red series “Foursome” or the YouTube Red film “The Thinning”… In 2018, the young American had the honor of starring in another film that a friend of his wrote. The “Airplane Mode” flick also added to Logan Paul’s popularity.

The influencer now operates two channels on YouTube – the main channel and a vlog channel. His vlog channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, has more than three times as many subscribers compared to his main channel, a good 18 million. In total, the entertainer’s videos have been viewed millions of times. Logan Paul has already proven in the past that he is ready to go all out to advance his career. As a result of a stunt, he seriously injured his testicles. In the meantime, however, this should be cured, as the media reported. In any case, the star really makes money with YouTube, he is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars and earned a whopping $ 14,500,000 from June 2017 to June 2018! Of course, this year’s income is gross, before taxes. Logan Paul is not inferior to Pewdiepie in terms of YouTube earnings. Interestingly, Jake Paul, Logan’s little brother, also a YouTuber, makes even more money than his big brother. Jake Paul earned $ 21,500,000 in the same period.

Logan Paul net worth
Logan Paul net worth 2020


The eventful life of Logan Paul

His die-hard fans should know that Logan Paul is affected by red-green blindness. Finally, there was already a video of his own, which shows Logan Paul with correction glasses how he films his, if exaggerated, reaction to his new color perception. Incidentally, the American does not have a university degree. Because even though he started studying at Ohio University, he founded his YouTube channel even before college. Even before graduating, Paul was so successful with YouTube that he made a full-time career out of it and gave up his student hat.

What followed was a turbulent and fun time, which Logan Paul of course also recorded as a vlogger on video. He also moved to Los Angeles, where he lived in an apartment complex with a lot of other social media and Vine stars. These included not only Andrew Bachelor and Juanpa Zurita, but also Mark Dohner, Amanda Cerny and Evan “Dwarf Mamba” Eckenrode. At some point, however, the landlords were no longer interested in the influencers, so that they were kicked out. Paul, therefore, moved with his buddy Evan Eckenrode to an estate in Encino, also in the US state of California. In February 2018, Paul made it known that he lived there with around 20 other people. So his wild years were far from over.

His behavior has already caused problems for the American on YouTube. In February 2018, Paul was no longer allowed to add advertisements to his videos, resulting in an income of around $ 1 million a month. This was due to his support for the Detergent Eating Challenge and the fact that Logan Paul had given two dead installments of electric shock. It is precisely these shocking actions that have made the American famous. YouTube only acted temporarily against the star, who has now earned millions more with his videos.

Logan Paul Net Worth 2019
Logan Paul Net Worth 2019


Logan Paul is not afraid of criticism

It should, therefore, be clear that Logan Paul is a controversial figure in public life. In December 2017 he was criticized particularly sharply. At that time he published a video in which he visited the so-called suicide forest together with other YouTubers. The friends had set themselves the challenge of staying in this forest for 24 hours. They came across a corpse and did not shy away from filming this corpse and showing it on the net.

Although they had previously made the person unrecognizable, there was heavy criticism. Despite the 6 million YouTube views to date, Logan Paul, therefore, decided to delete the video. On Twitter, YouTube later officially apologized for the misstep. His apologies not only to his fans but also to the bereaved of the dead. Following this action, the social media star himself took a little break while there was a public debate about how the various content on social networks should be moderated more. This should not prevent Logan Paul from appearing in the future with further shocking actions.


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