Lil Pump Net worth



lil pump net worth
Lil pump net worth

Lil Pump Net Worth

Date of birth                                    August 17, 2000 (19 years old)

Born in                                            Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Nationality                                       USA

Profession                                       rapper, songwriter

Full name                                        Gazzy Garcia

Nickname                                        Lil Pump

Last Update                                     2020



Anyone who has so much money on the high edge at such a young age must have done a lot right. One could accuse Lil Pump of exactly the opposite. Finally, there was no conflict between the police and the rapper until February 2018 after gunshots sounded from his apartment. This incident, in turn, led to a house search, which resulted in significant marijuana find. The rapper himself ended up in a juvenile detention center, where he only had to stay for a few days. Despite these incidents, the rapper’s money is no less, quite the contrary. Lil Pump’s estimated net worth is 6.5 million euros.

Negative headlines around Lil Pump

Since the musician was not yet of legal age at the time, the rapper’s mother was faced with a criminal complaint. After all, as a gun owner, she had violated her duty to supervise. After all, the shots came from the apartment and not from outside, despite the statements of her son to the contrary. In his home town of Miami, Lil Pump was caught driving but was not in possession of a valid driver’s license. In addition, he is said to have been traveling with a wrong license plate, which led to another arrest of the artist. At just 18, the musician has already lived up to his rapper image.

The reception of his music is not always positive. For example on, where there is talk of “milestones of brainlessness” and “radical and uncompromising garbage”. His first album, which was released under his stage name in 2017, nevertheless made it to number 3 on the prestigious US charts. In Germany, the rapper climbed to number 9 on the charts for the first time with the song “I Love It” in 2018.

Lil pump net worth 2019
Lil pump net worth 2019

About the rapper’s career

At the tender age of 16, Lil Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, already caused a lot of attention musically. He released his first tracks on Soundcloud, the well-known online music service. In the meantime, he is best known for his songs “I Love It” and “Gucci Gang”. Today’s millionaire started with music at the age of 13. At that time, he was introduced to him by his cousin Omar Pineiro, better known in the art community as Smokepurpp. The two first made music together. The fact that they had been expelled from the school several times also united the two artists.

By the way, Lil Pump never graduated from school. After he had been able to further increase his level of awareness via Soundcloud, Lil Pump was finally able to sign his record contract just two months before his 16th birthday. From then on he was under contract with Warner Bros. Records and was able to reach number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA, Whether, in Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand or the United States, there were already gold formwork panels for the artist in these countries. The platinum award was also won by the American, who was born in Florida, in France, Italy and Australia for the hit “Gucci Gang”. So far, 10 gold, 6 platinum and 1 silver award have gone into his account, so it will be interesting to see what else Lil Pump will hear in the future.

lil pump net worth
Lil pump net worth 2020


Here are some of the best highlights of Lil Pump’s career:

  • Began collaborating with Smokepurpp (2013)
  • Started uploading music to SoundCloud (2016)
  • The first music video released on YouTube (2017)
  • Gucci Gang goes viral (2017)



Is Lil Pump a one-hit-wonder? Or will he still release Billboard worthy singles within the future?

As of the now year 2020, Lil Pump’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.


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