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Davido Net Worth

Davido Net Worth

Davido Net Worth 2020
Davido Net Worth 2020

Introduction and Early Life

David Net Worth, Davido Adedeji Adeleke (born November 21, 1992), who is better known as Davido, is an American-born Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. Davido was born in Atlanta, US, and raised in Lagos; he made his music debut as a member of the music group KB International. He studied business administration at  Oakwood University before dropping out to make beats and record vocal references. Davido rose to fame after releasing “Dami Duro”, the second single from his debut studio album Omo Baba Olowo (2012)

In the recent conquest of Africa by Naija Music, the African-American music of Nigeria, Davido has played an essential role for half a decade. The flamboyant singer, from one of the most silvery families in the country, begins on March 3 in Kigali in Rwanda a series of concerts in French-speaking Africa as part of his world tour dubbed 30 Billion World Tour.

Arms cluttered by his trophies, two MTV Awards, and a Mobo Awards, with at his feet a diamond disc for his song If and platinum for Fall, Davido does not sulk his pleasure on the photo taken in late February in London locals from his record company.

Two days earlier, the Nigerian had sold out before the 5,000 spectators at the Brixton Academy, one of the most prestigious halls in the British capital. And to create a little more sensation, if necessary, he brought his ex-best enemy, his compatriot Wizkid, the other star singer who unleashed passions in Lagos, to his side.

In a few months, these two have returned many times the politeness, displaying a more than astonishing complicity in terms of the relationships which were attributed to them and which mainly resulted from the positions adopted by their respective supporters, head-on for years.

Davido Net worth 2019 in dollars
Davido Net worth 2019 in dollars


Davido Net Worth: $16 Million
Age: 28
Born: November 21, 1992
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: 2020


In Dubai, at the end of November, the situation had dangerously degenerated: the clans had clashed on the sidelines of an evening where the singers were scheduled. At the heart of almost historic litigation that is constantly fed? A very subjective throne, king of Nigerian music.

On the Internet, the counters of Davido’s video clips are panicking: If exceeds 60 million views and Fall approaches 53 million. Since the beginning of his career, the titles have been linked, but the logic of the album has lived, condemned by the massive pirating of CDs and sacrificed on the altar of digitalization.

The singer who is turning 26 released only one in 2012: Omo Baba Olowo, The Genesis (often summed up by the acronym OBO, which has also become one of the artist’s nicknames), which means “kid from rich”. His father, Adedeji Adeleke, is a businessman whose fortune is estimated at around 700 million dollars, but also a notorious benefactor through the Springtime Development Foundation which he created.

Davido Net Worth 2019
Davido Net Worth 2019

The embodiment of a dream

Davido’s journey does not resemble that followed by so many artists of the continent in recent decades – to the point of becoming a kind of stereotype -, whose success has come to reward a form of existential priesthood, the hope against all odds to live from their art, to take the social uplift and to appear as a model with which young people could identify.

He was educated at the prestigious British International School in Lagos reserved for elite children before going to follow his higher studies in the United States, where he was born. If to satisfy his desire to make music turned out to be simpler because he had financial means, it was still necessary that he succeeded in establishing himself. Being credible in his case was a challenge.

But today’s Nigeria is no longer that of Fela. The goal of this new generation of artists is not political, protest. It is about having fun, giving another image of Africa, as the American musical review The Fader, which devoted its front page to Davido in 2016, emphasized. And in this area, the singer gets along with it.

His afrobeat new-look, urban and in R’n’B colors, with a voice worked as it should be by Auto-Tune and a semi-romantic attitude half- bad boy can be seen as the natural extension, on the continent African, of what is done across the Atlantic. The same aesthetic, the same state of mind.

In terms of image, Davido takes up the codes (the triptych of cars-beautiful girls-luxury private parties), without really forcing himself. Just as he has no reluctance to expose his life on social networks. And when he doesn’t, he can always count on a cell phone to film it and post his actions on the Internet, whether he is waiting for his father’s private jet, or shopping at the United States.

If he has found an artistic formula that targets and unites a large part of Africa, from Senegal to South Africa, the Nigerian embodies a dream. His lifestyle serves him more than it harms him. He has also made his identity of it, baptizing his world tour 30 Billion World Tour, about a sentence from his song If, which has become one of these formulas entered into conversations: “Thirty billion for the account (in a bank, NDR ), oh-oh. ” Assuming they are nairas, the Nigerian currency, that would be close to $ 83 million or 68 million euros. Simple rhyme, or precise allusion to the richness of its author? Keeping a part of mystery allows Davido to maintain the fantasy a little more.

Davido Net Worth
Davido Net Worth

Davido net worth

Davido Net Worth 2019Davido is estimated to have an approximate net worth of $16 million dollars


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