Andrew Shue Net Worth

Andrew Shue Net Worth

   Andrew Shue Net Worth


  • Name:  Andrew Eppley Shue
  • Born: February 20, 1967
  • Age: 53
  • Occupation: Actor, Football player, Entrepreneur, co-founder of the social networking website CafeMom, Former Regional All America Soccer player
  • Spouse(s): Jennifer Hageney (1994–2008),  Amy Robach (2010–present)
  • Children :   3 sons, 2 stepdaughters[1]
  • Parent(s): James W. Shue, Anne Brewster
  • Relatives: Elisabeth Shue (sister)
  • Profession: Actor, entrepreneur, football player.
  • Movies: “Melrose Place” (1992-1999), “The Rainmaker” (2007), “Gracie” (2007), “Mad Life”, “American Shaolin” (1991)
  • Tv:  Melrose Place
  • Facebook:  Andrew Shue
  • Twitter:
  • Andrew Shue Net worth: 150 million


Andrew Shue Net Worth 2021

Andrew Shue:

Andrew Shue is an American actor, soccer player, and entrepreneur. As of today, Andrew Shue’s net worth amounts to $150 million. For an actor who we all have hardly heard of to be that filthy rich, it is hard to believe. But most of Andrew Shue’s net worth is not due to his TV career but according to Shue himself, it is from his social networking website CaféMom. His current entrepreneurial ventures as well as his short stint playing soccer are the major reason for Andrew Shue’s net worth. However, the work done in Melrose Place did provide him the capital to be an entrepreneur. He is still working as an actor, host, and producer.


Andrew Shue, the birth name Andrew Eppley Shue, was born in Wilmington, Delaware on February 20th, 1967. His father James W. Shue was a lawyer and real estate developer by profession, he was also the president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. James Shue was of German ancestry, from Pennsylvania he was also an active politician and once ran for the U.S. Congress in New Jersey but was not successful, Andrew Shue’s mother Amy Robach (President Chemical Bank Corporation) was a descendant of Pilgrim leader William Brewster. He has only one sister Elisabeth Shue who is also an actress.

Andrew spent his early life in Maplewood, New Jersey where he studied at Columbia High School. He along with his sister were inducted CHS Hall of fame in 1994. Andrew then moved to Dartmouth to attend Dartmouth College and received his degree of B . A (History) in 1984. Shue was also a soccer player, he played soccer at CHS and Dartmouth. After finishing college Shue taught high school math in Zimbabwe

Personal life:

Andrew Shue married floral designer Jennifer Hageney in1994 their marriage last till 2008. He has three sons from his first marriage: Nathaniel, born in 1996, Aiden, born in 1999, and Wyatt, born in 2004. In 2010, Shue married former Today Show co-anchor and ABC News correspondent Amy Robach. She has two daughters from a previous marriage

Andrew Shue Net Worth 2021




In 1991 Andrew attended a movie premiere along with his sister where an agent asked his sister if he was an actor to which she replied yes. After a year he was cast by Aaron Spelling on his Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off that was in early production.

In May 1992, Shue was cast in the role of Billy Campbell in Melrose Place opposite Courtney Thorne-Smith. Shue’s character was of a sensitive guy with great hair who was a struggling writer who wants to live his life out of his parents’ control. He was on the show for six years. The show ran for over 7 years and throughout this time Shue remained part of the main cast. Not surprisingly, this job has increased Andrew Shue net worth quite a bit.

Francis Ford Coppola who is considered as one of the most talented filmmakers featured Andrew in his drama film The Rainmakers as an abusive husband. In 2007 Shue also appeared in a feature film Grace, which was based on his sister Elisabeth Shue’s childhood as an only girl in the team of all boys’ soccer, along with his siblings and brother-in-law Davis Guggenheim. Through this movie, the siblings also paid tribute to their deceased brother Will, who died in an accident in 1988.

Although Andrew did not have a long movie career he got the chance to work alongside some talented actors like Danny DeVito, Matt Damon, and Claire Danes.


Andrew Shues Net Worth

Even after starting his acting career, Andrew Shue did not leave his passion for soccer. In fact, while he was living in Zimbabwe, he played for the Bulawayo Highlanders and his team won both the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League title and the CBZ Cup title.

In 1993, Shue played with the Los Angeles United of the Continental Indoor Soccer League, in 1994, he played two games for the Anaheim Splash, in 1996, and he played for the Los Angeles Galaxy and had one assist in five games.

He played for a few more clubs in the United States before ending his professional soccer career in 1997, partly as a result of injuries. Regardless, this career contributes considerably to Andrew Shue’s net worth.



In 1999 Andrew Shue started a website that provides parenting guidelines through different blogs, articles, and message boards. Then in the mid-2000s, Andrew Shue started his career as an internet Entrepreneur through a website called Café Mom.

The idea came to Andrew when he became a father and realized how his wife uses the suggestions from other moms and there were no online websites related to this purpose to help them.

It turns out that they hit the jackpot as this website as by 2009 its profits for a quarter of the year amounted to $6 million resulting in an increase of Andrew Shue’s Net worth because they targeted the right demographic at the right time.

Andrew Shues Net Worth

The website provided a platform to the moms where they can come together and help each other out by providing emotional support and advice. It became one of the most popular sites on the internet for women, in terms of page views.

In 2010, CafeMom rejected a $100 million buyout offer from Yahoo. By 2011, CafeMom was generating $30 million a year in ad revenue. Cafe Mom and the related websites were eventually sold off to various buyers. Andrew and his partners also sold their advertising business CafeMedia to a private equity firm where they work today.

CafeMom is now a family of companies, including blog The Stir, Baby Name Wizard, and popular Latina site MamasLatinas.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is the social networking website CafeMom, rather than the work done in movies or television, that is responsible for the current astonishing Andrew Shue net worth.

Currently, Andrew is co-hosting the Mad Life webisode series along with comedian Chuck Nice and his mother-in-law Joanie Robach.


Andrew Shue quotes:


“The most important role models should and could be parents and teachers. But that said, once you’re a teenager you’ve probably gotten as much of an example from your parents as you’re going to.”

“With my new venture, Club Mom, we want to empower moms to feel their value and also build their collective power to make their lives better and easier. We want to bring them together as a community to share experiences and information.”

“A good balance of winning and losing is important. If you just win all the time, you won’t get anything out of it; having some tough losses can be really important.”

“When you start suppressing feelings at an early age, it hurts you down the road. Full expression of anger and pain is very important.”

“There are 80 million moms in the United States. Forty million stay at home with their children.”

“Fear is that thing that keeps you up there on that other plateau. Fear is that thing that just keeps you closed down, and quite frankly, alone.”

“I have amazing friends who have led inspirational lives.”

“Winning isn’t everything, but playing and competing and striving and going through things can be a lot of fun and really important. As long as you’re doing it in a way that’s healthy, sports can be an incredible opportunity. “

“When you have a tough loss, go through it and agonize. I had one loss that I still want to change, but at the same time I realize it is an important part of who I am.”

“Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once, and that’s it. You’re going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way.”

“If you can get a teen leader in each sector of a student population, you can pull people in. Everybody wants to get involved, but most are too afraid. When they see a person they think is cool leading it, they’re first to join.”


Andrew Shue Movies:


1984 The Karate Kid Member of Cobra Kai Uncredited
1985 Vision Quest Bar Patron
1987 Adventures in Babysitting  Extra
1988 Cocktail Wedding Guest
1992 American Shaolin Competitor
1993 Gulf City Jack Graig TV movie
1997 The Rainmaker Cliff Riker
2007 Gracie Coach Owen Clark Also producer and writer


Andrew Shue TV:


1992 The Wonder Years  Brian Billings Episode: “The Lost Weekend”
1992−1998 Melrose Place  Billy Campbell Series regular, 191 episodes